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You play Sir Isaac Newton, having just gained gravitational superpowers! Instead of falling straight down, objects falling within his domain can instead fall sideways! With a single press of the arrow keys, objects moving on the screen change direction to fall North, South, East, or West!

But such power comes with a price, and for breaking the laws of physics, Sir Newton has become beset with an endless barrage of fruit hurled his way from beyond the Free Body Diagram! A single hit from even a grape--and it's all over!

Unable to move himself, Sir Newton is fated to stay and divert away all fruit tossed at him, and survive for as long as possible! Thus begins Isaac Newton's battle against his fate--diverting the fall of fruit, until the end of Absolute Time! ...Or until the universe runs out of fruit to throw at him.


Build3-Physics.zip 24 MB

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